25 Aug 2023

Proud by Hook, New headquarter groundbreaking ceremony.

Once we are back working on site, working space is important for everyone especially when we are growing bigger. After searching for new location for our new office at Ramkhamhaeng 26/1 alley near our current office and endless paperwork with the district office. Finally, we pick  new blood architects designer, BodiChapa Architects along with VWG Construction, specialty construction management to state our requirement and conduct renovated old townhouse as new headquarter. 

Khun Thongchad, Hook’s Managing Director book the date at 24 June 2022 as new fresh start for Hook’s Headquarter groundbreaking ceremony named “PROUD” project referred as our honoured to build up space together.

1. Hook and Goodwill team with ground breaking ceremony.

2. Master from Wat Thep leela proceed the ground breaking ceremony.

3.Customize alter for the ritual by VWG Construction along with the master performing ceremony for auspicious in construction and blessed of building.

4. Customize alter for the ritual by VWG Construction.

5. Clear blue sky today during our ceremony :D

6. Technician from VWG Team check up for completeness before performing the ceremony.

7. Planting auspicious wood and scatter flowers for the ceremony.

8. Holy Water, Wait for it.

9. Happy for being here :) See you next year our new office