BIM360 Document Management and Building data analytical : Free online training

Course outline

Autodesk BIM 360 Docs is cloud-based construction document management software that allows you to share, view, markup, and manage your construction drawings, documents, and models. BIM 360 Design (formerly Collaboration for Revit) is an online software platform that gives you real-time Revit cloud work sharing. The information from the BIM Model in the BIM360 Doc project can be linked with BI and data analytical tools you can sum up the data into the demographic that makes others understand with real-time updates.

For who?

BIM Manager who wants to learn more about Building Information management by using base information from Autodesk Revit real-time collaborated with BIM360 sum up by Google data studio.

BIM 360 Docs & Design:

  1. Autodesk License Account Manager – what to look out for when cloud work-sharing.

  2. Understand and set privileges, set up a project.

  3. Add and remove members.

  4. Edit role rights and manage members.

  5. Ensure correct services are added for both document management and design collaboration.

  6. Add a team so you can show that team on the timeline.

  7. Edit the project profile.

  8. Work with plans, create project files, create sets.

  9. Reduce rework risks by keeping everyone working from the current document set.

  10. Understand the most useful tools for keeping the entire project team in sync and informed.

  11. Create a set in Revit.

  12. Publish from within Revit to BIM 360.

  13. Co-author Revit models concurrently with other users utilizing cloud-based work sharing.

  14. Manage models, select which model is the master model.

  15. Visualize changes between design versions in packages and work-in-progress designs.

  16. Create and share a package.

  17. Create a design issue.

  18. View added, deleted, and modified elements, and filter by disciplines affected.

  19. Make the best use of design review tools to quickly address design issues.

Building Data Analytical

  1. To learn more about data and information

  2. Autodesk forge API to link the platform to platform

  3. Management information from the BIM Models

  4. Tools for Data analytical: MsPowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio.

  5. Learn to build what sum up you may need to know? The main idea of each graph and symbol

  6. Google data studio

    1. Data Studio overview

    2. How Data Studio works

    3. Access controls

    4. Data Studio Home page

    5. Data source overview

    6. Report overview

    7. Report edit mode overview

    8. Connect Data

    9. Create a new report and add charts

    10. Add and configure report controls

    11. Share reports with others

    12. Data visualization basics

    13. Create and use report templates